Thursday, October 13, 2011

International buyers

Hey fellow bloggers, I've been getting a lot of requests for my book from outside of the U.S. and sadly the shipping costs are so high it has become cost prohibitive for buyers. But fear not as there are a couple of options. One is a digital download of the book I have been seriously contemplating putting out in the near future that will be much cheaper than the physical version. The second option is to head over to Stuart Ng books (clink this post title above for link) and buy several other art/illustration books, with mine included in that stack of goodness to make higher shipping costs feasible. You can ship several books for the flat rate so that makes it worth it, right? C'mon, sure it does! To all you brave souls in general who have been buying the book thanks for your support. I'm already gearing up for Autodraw Vol 2 and trust me when I say, it will blow your socks off! And if you don't wear socks, well, put some on. It's going to be winter soon and the floors get really cold. Adios!

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