Thursday, August 26, 2010

Heavy Metal (Metal Hurlant) tv series

This one has got me a bit excited. They are calling it Metal Howling, which is actually Metal Hurlant, which in America in magazine form, was published as Heavy get the picture. I use to love reading Heavy Metal magazine when I was a kid. All of the cool illustrations by Moebius, Corben and Enki Bilal. I'm hoping that once these come out on DVD they will somehow make their way to the states.


ShapeWright said...

daaaaang! Finally. "The Fifth Element" was the closest thing I can think of that was a living, breathing adaptation of Moebius' work. I guess that's because he was one of the production designers.

Eric Lloyd Brown said...

That's true, huh? I totally forgot about the Fifth Element but you are right, it is very Heavy Metal-ish, just toned down a bit. I'm hoping this one comes out at least half decent.